Tokyo Girl Geek Dinners

{6月 12, 2009}   TokyoGirlGeekDinners 1st meeting (update)

Hi there,


お店はこちら。1Fを占領する予定です 🙂


女性のためのイベントですので、男性の方は参加する女性に招待してもらってください 🙂


We are going to have our first meeting on 20th June (Saturday)!!

The venue is here, we will be on the ground floor.

Please apply from this site, seat is limited. (booking info)

# This event is for the girls, boys need to be invited from girls 🙂

Sorry for the short notice in English!! It seems all seats have been booked at the moment… Please keep you eyes on the booking info to get a canceled spot!

lauren says:

Are non japanese readers ok too? I can speak alright, but can’t read and write…

Awww, I’m so sorry, Lauren!

Yes, all girls are welcome. Definitely.


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